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At Brandix we aim to constantly inspire our staff - an organization is after all a sum of the people it employs.


Our Culture

The Brandix Way of Life is our culture and permeates our whole organisation. The Brandix corporate 'personality' is determined by three overlapping areas: values, work culture and social responsibility. Our way of working is all about accepting and embracing our values, and acting with social responsibility. It's also about a young and dynamic entity which supports its personalities to blossom in a vibrant environment.

An organisation is the sum of the people it employs.

The Brandix culture not only aligns associates with corporate goals, it moulds their philosophy of work and therefore life. Changing mindsets positively takes great care and time but its value is inestimable. As well as encouraging associates to becoming customer-focused, incorporating speed, flexibility, innovation and passion into their work allows them to think more productively and perform for results.


Our Culture


Accommodating change and embracing openness and transparency leads to the appreciation of others and the progressive development of the individual, at work and elsewhere. Our culture of internal appreciation and recognition includes the Kaizen awards for innovative thinking, merit awards for work and attendance, 'I value you' cards and gifts. The 'Pat on the back' initiative promotes instant appreciation of behaviour and performance among colleagues. Our new programme GLOW (Great Lift Off Work) enables social interaction and the annual Brandix Nite celebrates outstanding executive team and individual performance.

These practices are designed to infuse our values into the work ethic and motivate and empower our associates to extend themselves in their work on all planes. With appreciation and recognition being key elements in developing inspired people Group-wide, we believe it will nurture innovation at all levels.

Changing mindsets positively takes great care and time but its value is inestimable.

We are proud of our social responsibility record and highest compliance standards. It's about improving lives within the Brandix sphere and those others that it touches in our neighbourhoods. Brandix also believes that such positive changes promotes a better work-life balance and encourages its people to enjoy their work experience, all in all, making Brandix a great place to work.